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Jedna z legend světové herní komunity W13 Zakladatel a dlouholetý leader nám poskytnul rozhovor. Musím dodat, že je to velmi milý a skromný člověk a strašně dobře se mi s ním povídalo. Je hrdý na to co dělá a je to cítit v každé jeho větě. Užijte si to, nikde jinde podobný rozhovor nenajdete.

1) Most of the people already know you, but please introduce yourself.

I am W13, the founder of, and player of RuneScape since early 2001.

2) Will you tell us about the creation of Zybez?

I made (Zybez) RuneScape Help as a result of being frustrated with not being able to find any help or guides on the official website. After complaining to Andrew Gower, I was told to make the official help for RuneScape. So, I called my collection of guides "RuneScape Help". Andrew Gower decided to write his own instead of use what I had sent him. So, I simply put my guides online and then kept improving them and adding features like calculators.

3) You still actively play RS, what do you like most about it? Favourite skill?

Yes, I am still an addict. I like the fact that RuneScape is a big open free world. You can go anywhere at any time. You're not bound to a world/server or area depending on your character's race or levels as much as it is in other MMO's. My favorite skills have to be the combat skills, even though I'm a combat n00b. Good combat skills can really help you out in RuneScape and help you with mostly all the skills.

4) Do you have any skill on 99? Which was the first?

I just recently reached 80 in a skill and that was a huge accomplishment for me. Haha, 99 is a LOOONG way away.

5) How do you perceive Runescape? What does it mean to you?

RuneScape is a community. I know a lot of games like to pretend they have a community but it's different on RuneScape. RuneScape is ancient and I've been playing since 2001. I still have friends that I met in 2002. So, when I think about RuneScape, I don't just think about the game, I also think about all the friends I've made over the years.

6) We know you really do a lot for the RS community...what does it give to you?

Money! Haha. I first started Zybez solely to provide help to RuneScape players. While other fansites had pop-up ads and big annoying banners, Zybez had no ads at all up until 2003. Even after that, I made sure never to put annoying ads on Zybez (such as popups). Though some people accuse me of being a cash hungry cow, the idea was never to make large sums of money. Most of the money was used to pay for hosting anyways. So, if I think about what the RS community has given to me, it would be: life skills. Thanks to leading Zybez and communicating with people of all ages from around the world, I've become good at understanding people.

7) How do you see the future of Zybez?

Zybez was a very innovative fansite. There's a good chance that a "cool" feature you see on existing RuneScape websites was invented by Zybez. For example, calculators. I created the first calculators for RuneScape. The idea for a downloadable toolkit (like SwiftKit) also originated on Zybez. We also created the first database of items and NPCs. Years before the GE, we had an item price database with graphs for each item. Years before's hiscores become searchable, I created searchable hiscores that kept a history as a feature on Zybez. We had the first "Suggestions" forum for RuneScape, even before the official forums. The list goes on.
So, that was the exciting past. The future isn't very bright though. I sold Zybez in 2009, around the time that RuneScape Wikia was growing at an exponential rate, causing all the fansites to become obsolete and redundant. Zybez has dropped in traffic by a lot since 2009 and it continues the decline. This is because Zybez has stopped innovating and is now standing still. There are many reasons for this. It costs money to innovate, specially since all programmers demand money. Also, innovation is a risk. Sometimes it doesn't work. The new owners of Zybez aren't going to be investing a lot of money in creating new features for Zybez. It's a huge risk and they've already made mistakes by trying to "innovate" after purchasing Zybez.

8) What else would you like to achieve in RS? Any personal goal?

I'd love to get all stats above 70 and a few stats above 90. I'm not too worried about getting certain expensive items because items should be a result of high levels. Let me get the high levels first, I'll worry about items later. ;-) Also, I want to do PvP but I'm too scared. I tried it a few times and died within seconds. I'm not that rich so I can't afford to risk expensive stuff either. Hopefully when I'm maxed combat, I can take those risks and enjoy PvP.

9) What about your future in RuneScape? Any new ambitions, wishes?

Too many to count! As for ambitions, I want maxed combat stats. As for wishes, I want new continents to explore. I'm tired of tiny little updates. I want something huge!

10) Do you know anything about cz/sk community? Do you know anyone from it?

I don't know much because I don't speak the language. However, I know that the CZ/SK players makes a pretty big chunk of the RuneScape population. I must know a few CZ/SK players but perhaps their English is so good that I assume they're Americans. I'm looking forward to meeting more CZ/SK players though.

11) Why do you think so many people play Runescape? What is your opinion of the game communities, which are all aroud the world?

RuneScape is an awesome game run by an inexperienced company. This has alienated many players, specially non-English speaking communities. Usually game publishers love the fact that people from all over the world play their game. I think Jagex needs to learn to appreciate RuneScape communities quickly before it's too late!

12) What would you like to say to readers of this interview?

Congratulations on being part of the CZ/SK community! It's always great to see a group of people with something in common come together. It's sort of like a brotherhood. I wish you guys best of luck in the future.

13) Bonus question: Are you looking forward to Christmas and New years eve?

Oh yea. I love Xmas and New Years :-D Also, it's my birthday on December 13, so this month is pretty awesome!

I think that's all :) Good luck and many thnx :)


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