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Author: Sco Angel

6 years ago, I started playing Runescape and about the same time I started the website about this game. I never thought that one day, I will get the opportunity to visit HQ of Jagex and see how they prepare the updates. Wednesday 26/9/2012, I arrived by train from Brighton to Cambridge and then straight away to the HQ in Science Park.

Cambridge train station - Tank Bertha

In front of the company there was a black tank Bertha with Jagex logo. “Well, I am in the right place” and I slowly opened the door. The receptionist immediately contacted mod Steve, who is the community manager, and then we went together to the main hall.

Decoration in reception

Steve gave me timetable and also visitor card. After the formalities, we moved into his department, where he introduced me his staff and also very important mod for CZ/SK community, mod Edu, who is in contact with one of the admin Grogy45. Another important department was a customer service, with manager Tom. Very busy department, 24/7 and everyday they have to solve around 6000 requests.

Main hall - mod Edu (left) and mod Steve - double display computer with Lego stuff

Mod Steve accompanied me around Jagex, I got into the graphics department, I met the mods, who made the goblin/dwarf quests. The most interesting thing was double display computer in their office, they could play and work together, wonderful :D. During the lunch break, they invited me to the canteen, where we discussed about Runescape and also about my favorite content, which are Dagannoth Kings. In my opinion, the DK contents and quests related to them are much better than GWD boss, because I prefer more tactics than brutal force. Jagex mods were interested in community opinions about their future combat system, I immediately remembered the player Mirek, with the message on forum: "Tell them that I do not like new combat system" :D. There are a lot of people who don’t like changes and they prefer status quo. My opinion is that we should wait until it's finished and time to get used to it.

Canteen - Board room - famous Golden Joysticks

Back to the community centre where mod Mike introduced me Jagex-mod-account. He showed me various tricks, generating monster anywhere and items; unfortunately, these items can not be traded, the reason is economy of RS. The special account should work only for the purpose of testing new items, monsters etc, so if you see 1 lvl mod Mike in the Wild with blue p hat, so after killing him, he drops only bones, even monsters generated by mod, they don’t drop anything. In addition, they are not aggressive. If you see in the GE Corporal beast, so it is better do not attack it, otherwise you will feel the pain.

Mod Mike - his bank - mod Mike between Dagannoth Kings

Tshirt with logo Jagex and some artworks with Jagex mods signature

After 2 hours excursion around Jagex, I had to return to Brighton. Everyone in Jagex was nice to me. Despite the fact that it was rainy, I enjoyed my trip to Cambridge. Anyway bad news for Grogy45, mod Jane was on holiday, so no signature from her, maybe next time :D.